Happy New Year


We celebrated the New Year’s arrival with the arrival of some friends from our past. We were thrilled to host Carli-Ann and Mike, and their beautiful daughter Astrid (almost 2) at our home for a couple of nights. It was a quiet (as quiet as can be for four kids running around) evening, followed by a New Year’s Day filled with laughter and jumping on the bed.

It was a relief to have it be so easy, as you never know how it will go when you haven’t seen someone for 6 years and lives have changed radically in the meantime. We are now considering ammending our summer plans to include a trip to Vancouver Island, so India can see Astrid (who she assures me is not only her friend, but the best friend in the whole wide world.) It’s an interesting thing for me to notice that although we are starting to have some solid friendships in this community, it still feels like such a wonderful reprieve to have moments with people who really know us entering our home.

Last year for New Year’s Eve we did a ritual of thankfulness and hope for the 2010. This year we played with glow sticks and silly string, built block towers with the intention of knocking them over, ate simple food with friends, and had great conversation.

All in all, I think maybe the celebrations were more similar than different. And all in all, it was a wonderful way to celebrate the turning of the year.

So, from our life embracing, celebration filled home to yours, we wish you all the best of passion, grace, and joy for 2011.


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful entries over the holidays, Anno. What a rich and vibrant story your Christmas pictures tell! I am particularly fond of the one of the girls, with the cat suspiciously reaching out to the tree branches! I soo miss my cat!!! Happy New Year to your lovely family. I hope we bump into eachother someday soon.

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