A day reads like this


waking up to three kids and a dog in my bed

homemade granola with banana and milk

some video games (of course)

a hot cuppa

some murals laid out and drawn in the living room

moon sand and fish rocks to be played with. Separately. Together. Separately again.

moon sand and fish rocks to be swept from the floor. Separately. Together. Separately again.

thumbing through of the Pokemon guide book

shovelling the walk (my goodness it’s warm out here)

checking the mail (waiting for one last gift to arrive)

a load of laundry

some playmobil

sorting through a big pile of clothes from a neighbour

DS games (of course)

snack trays with peanut butter apples (almost every day)

a chat with Gran on the phone

some curious george

the big book of search and find

what can we do with graph paper?

let’s play mastermind. 4 times.

An unexpected and much welcomed visit from a friend. (nice coffee and a beautiful gift as well)


Some wrestling (or riding horsey) with Dad

beans and rice with tortillas and guacamole

planning of a summer

changing the plans of a summer

writing of list of what a summer should hold (a family living here must anticipate summer in these dark winter days to hold heat close to them, you see)

white board and easel drawing

a pencil drawing of two friends singing under a rainbow (Elijah)

a pencil drawing of a tree on a hill with butterflies and hearts (India)

a drawing of a tree and a swing (Daddy and Mattea)

singing made up songs about fish coming down the chimney

a poke in the eye

a 7 yr old discovering that massages are awesome

bedtime stories

ants on a log

Tinkerbell 3

kindness and bickering, all intertwined like the strands of our days

and so tomorrow will be.


Rich I tell you.





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