We took a trip to Mexico



In our imaginations at least. We started a round the world tour in November after being inspired by our learning about Japan in the fall. We decided to start in Mexico because it’s close and Mama had been there, so she had some experiences to share.

We started by creating an adventure suitcase,

and then some passports (of course).


Next, we had to build a plane, for Mexico is a bit of a jaunt from here. (a big cardboard box and some duct tape will work nicely here, thanks.)

Then we read stories, looked at Mama’s photos and watched travel videos.

We tried our hands at grinding soaked corn between two rocks and gave up quickly, glad for modern conveniences like grain mills.

We learned about Las Posadas (a Mexican Christmas celebration) and made Papel Picado decorations for our playroom.

We learned some Spanish words and talked about monarch butterflies migration, Mexican culture and traditions, and where Mexico is located on the globe.

We visited a fantastic little Mexican grocery store in Edmonton and got a tour from the Mexican owners who spoke Spanish with us and showed the kids many interesting things in their store.

We made wonderful Mexican food and ate it with mucho gusto.


We created lapbooks to keep as souvenirs of some of the things we learned and explored.

Next stop, Peru.

Wanna join us?


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  1. Oh this sounds like so much fun! If you need any resources about places I’ve been I’m happy to share 🙂
    I’d love to travel with you since it sounds like so much fun!

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