The girls


Round here they are strong. Determined. Independent.

At a playdate with a new friend today I was trying to encourage India, Mattea and their friend Arti to allow Arti’s little brother to come into the room and play with them.

“He can come in, but only if he will be a princess. We are princesses stuck in a tower.”

“But if he wants to” says the mama, ” maybe he could be a fireman here to put out the fire from the dragon. He could rescue the princesses.”


Ah my girls, keep that. The confidence, the strength, the sheer power of you.

Hold on to it. Cherish it. You are, each of you, women to be reckoned with. It is an honor to know you.



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  1. A couple thoughts come to mind as I read this. First, my five year old loves this online site about Polly Pockets (?!) where you dress up these girls. I was irate the other day as I played with her as not one of the girls has short hair or glasses, there are only super high heels to choose from and they all show waaaaaay too much skin. Very “barbie-esque”. I’ll be seriously discouraging this site from now on.

    Secondly, I had an email conversation this morning about how I feel like girls receive messages all the time about how they should change to fit into someone else’s box/notion of how they ought to be. My youngest (of course you know her) has a bit of a wild ‘fro happening which she loves. But people often comment on her crazy hair and make comments that make me feel as though they think she ought to be “toned down”. I will absolutely NOT make her tone down. She is beautiful and spunky and I don’t want my girls listening to messages which tell them they aren’t acceptable the way they are or they need to change their appearances (like have long flowing tresses, super short skirts and 8 inch heels in order to be pretty) for others’ sakes.

    Ok, and one more thing. The other day I was sitting in a hairdresser’s chair skimming those ‘hair books’ and was very annoyed that not one of those models wore glasses either. Huh? To me that sends a clear message to women that if you’re beautiful you don’t wear glasses. Aaaargh!

    I’m thrilled that you love every inch of your daughters exactly the way they are.

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