This week in wonderland…


There has been…

exploring with the new microscope. It’s cool because one is not restricted to using slides to magnify. The object is lit from above, and allows for viewing of large(ish) objects. Some of the things we have seen enlarged include ;

  • our fingers and nails (gross, gross, gross)
  • salt
  • sugar
  • paper
  • the inside bits of a broken calculator
  • elastic bands
  • red pepper
  • onion skin (to see individual cells, of course)

It’s a pretty neat little microscope, and easy for the littles to use.

Water painting on the easel. Easy to clean up, but occupies littlest little (who doesn’t look so small in her jeans and her big girl hair) for long periods of time.

Taking samples of things around the house to grow on petri dishes filled with agar. The samples are left to sit for a week (and we learn about the importance of using clean equipment and waiting for lab results).

And in one week, we have this…

Yuck! Lovely assortment of growing things of all colors and sizes. Wash your hands. And your ice trays….

The marble run has been rediscovered.

The geo-board has been built.

Pop-can bug robots have been constructed with Dad.

Hotwheels, tree blocks and the tree fort have travelled to the living room to create a fortress of doom.

We have tested a variety of objects with our electricity ball to see what substances conduct electricity.

We have eaten chocolate pudding with too many sprinkles (or just enough sprinkles, if you are between the ages of 2 and 7.)

We have built a pool for our lego world, which is slowly but surely taking shape in the former office.

We have built a 7 foot high pile of snow in the backyard which will eventually become a snow fort. We have used milkcrates to make snow bricks (very cool!)

The snow is officially too deep, falling into the tops of my boots when I walk through.

Elijah and India are systematically making their way though ALL of the Pokemon Episodes. We found them on the net for free, and there are hundreds of them. They are on season one, with 12 seasons left. I don’t get the attraction, but the two of them have found something they can do together which then leads to creative play, so it’s all good.

And finally, this to share with you. A gift which was made by hand for me by my dear friend Natasha. She hand made the square from repurposed fabrics, and it is a “safe house square” from slave freedom fighters. Significant to her because her husband is African, as are her children. SIgnificant to me because she chose it to represent our home as a safe home. When she was making it, she tried making it into a number of things, none of which felt right, and eventually simply sent it to me as just the square, knowing that it would find it’s way. I framed it and hung it inside our front door and loved how it looked. Then yesterday, as I was listening to Mumford and Sons, the words that are now written beneath the square came through. The lyrics fit the square, as well as its intent as a gift, and my intent for our home, as a parent, as a host, as a partner and friend. The piece now hangs inside our front door, to welcome guests to our safehouse, and to remind those of us living here of what we want our home to be.


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  1. Looks like you all have been having tons of fun! Love the artwork and quote. My mom talked to me many, many moons ago about hear home being a Safe House. She loved Sojourner Truth (ever read about her?); I also try and keep this in mind and heart for our home. First and foremost for my own family but also for all who enter in.

  2. sniff, sniff. I love that you love it and that it found it’s rightful home. Can’t wait to visit your safe house.

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