another day


forts on the bed

cereal for breakfast

forts between the couches

Bakugan DS

jumping on the trampoline without socks or jackets…lots of sun

homemade soup for lunch

let’s watch a BBC movie about the amazon jungle (fungiu, bugs, monkeys, birds, native Amazonian people who hunt with poisonous mouth darts)

Pokemon videos on the internet

the big science crate makes an appearance (color mixing, potion making, different types of pipettes and why they work how they do, pH testing of different liquids, baking soda and vinegar blow up a balloon, what happens when we dump our colored potions on ice int he sink)

mama adds another coat of orange to the kitchen cupboards

let’s read every board book we own, plus a bunch of library books too

more trampoline play, this time with sleeping bags

a li’l bit of Mario Kart on the wii

supper (rice and beans and chocolate cake)




Set (an attribute group finding game that was too hard for Elijah a year ago. When he brought it out to try again tonight after 11 months of “it’s boring and too hard”, it was intuitive. He’s quite good at it, finding groups of like/different pairs readily and without prompting….again reinforcing the idea that when a person is developmentally ready to learn something, they will be receptive and learn it easily and quickly…)

a bedtime snack, teeth brushing and finally, an impromptu (as most things are around here) guitar lesson from Sean for Elijah.

A wonderful, busy, engaged and joyful day.


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  1. Sounds like a great day, Anno. Awhile back you highlighted some math manipulatives (is that the right term?) that your kids were loving. I am looking for something that will help us work on some concepts. Any ideas?

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