So thankful for…


a new little niece (Bryony Elise, born safe and sound in Calgary)

a gift from some amazing inlaws (it’s not the gift that makes them amazing, by the way)

an unexpected cheque from the government

a skype chat with my lovely nephews

8 days of beautiful warmth and sun

a new maybe friend met at the thrift store

the chance to hold said new friend’s wee babe, Quetzal

the feeling of welcoming someone else to town, no longer being the newcomer

the bag of baked goods my neighbour dropped by for us for no reason except kindness

re-learning to play guitar

seeing Elijah’s joy as he starts to play the guitar

anticipating the sense of humour that I will need to employ as I try to stuff the cat into a small box to take her to the vet for her shots. She does not much like being stuffed into small boxes

the perfect desk that Sean found for Elijah at the take it or leave it


the way the snow is drifting from the sky bringing peace with it



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