Yet another creative title for a post.


I’m out of ideas for titles. Really. How many creative titles can one come up with for a list of activities being done with the littles?

So, no ideas for titles.

But, much activity none the less.

A lava lamp of sorts, idea from Steve Spangler Science. We get weekly emails from this company, trying to sell us stuff. Fortunately, the emails also contain really fun science type activities to try with the ones that fill my days. A jar, 3/4 full of oil, 1/4 full of colored water. Add a tablet or two of Alka Seltzer.

Enjoy the bubbles of colored water filled with air rising towards the surface, releasing the gas and sinking back down.

An owl banner, inspired by MiniEco. We made ours with craft foam and then sewed it on a ribbon. The color combinations are a bit sketchy, but as India reminded me when I tried to sway her choices “Mom, it doesn’t matter as long as the person who it is for (her) thinks it’s pretty.” Of course. How easily this mama can forget.

A crystal experiment (which hasn’t worked very well, I think we need to use distilled water instead of our minerally sort). We’ve still had some cool results though, after boiling the dissolved powder in water and then cooling them, we cool them and transfer them to a cool container. This happens. Sometimes, something else completely happens. Weird.

We woke up this morning to a flock of redpolls and two of these lovely Pine Grosbeaks. What a lovely flash of color against the snow. The picture is a bit blurry, but the joy was real when we were able to identify our new visitors. I’m so glad that we put up feeders this year. Bird watching has provided no end of entertainment for all of us, not to mention the four deer that regularly make late night visits to our front yard to sneak food from the bird feeders as well.

The other new thing is that the two olders have been cooking for us. Elijah made tuna casserole all by himself last week, and India has made blueberry waffles and quiche with a bit more help from mom. The added advantage is that when they cook it, they eat it.

Wonderful days.




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  1. I agree with India – as long as she thinks it is pretty (and I think it is pretty). PS – those are AWESOME expressive faces from the chili tastebud experiment.

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