Happy Valentine’s Day


As one of a group of single women in University, we called it cabbage day. As part of a newly married couple (or dating couple), we laughed at the commercialism of it all and at how one was supposed to buy some chocolate and flowers and find romance, on that one day. As a stay-at-home mom living in Northern Alberta in February, I love the bright colors and heart shapes that brighten the gloom of the mid-February blahs. I love the celebration of another holiday that, although commercial, can remind me to cherish.

Hoping yours was as simple and sweet as ours.


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  1. I have similar feelings about Valentines day. Over-rated, over-commercialized and way too much pressure to have a romantic evening with a special someone. You can’t just make yourself feel all romancy on cue — or at least I can’t!

    I enjoyed decorating to surprise the kids, having people we love over for breakfast, and giving special valentines to the four people I love most in the world. Eva’s face when she received her mama-made valentine was priceless, she said she was going to fall over it was so beautiful. There’s not much better than delighting one’s children.

    I love your hearts – crayon/waxpaper? I will tuck that away for next year.

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