The perfect day


Yesterday was, in my mind, a perfect day. We woke up after a good sleep, and had some friends over. They are new friends, but oh so wonderful. They stayed for almost 5 hours, and although it was only the second time we have gotten together, it felt as if we had been friends for years. I made fruit salad while other mama hung out in the living room with the littles, our kids played, we had coffee, and lunch. It was easy, relaxed, and filling, in every sense of the word.

There was jumping on the trampoline, sliding down the giant ice hill that was supposed to be a snow fort, playing beauty salon, trains, lego, marble run, and magnet play as well.

When they left, there was a nap for Mattea, and some quiet play for the others before Sean came to pick us up for our supper at the church (prepared by…. not me. 🙂 )

Supper was good, simple food, and the kids ate many creampuffs, which had them over the moon with joy.

When we came home, there was some learning to read (India, b/c of her desire to play Pokemon video games with Elijah, has decided that it is time…). This is a challenge for me, b/c I’m not sure she has the skills yet, and don’t want her to get frustrated or overwhelmed….and because the process happened so easily for Elijah (meaning I did NOTHING to help him along). This is uncharted territory then, to try to “teach” her to read in a linear fashion. Any helps from those of you who assisted your littles in decoding, etc would be most welcome.

There were Pokemon meetings between the littles, complete with diagrams and charts, and then of course the watching of Pokemon everything on you tube. Are you sensing a theme running through our days?

The day ended earlier than normal, because of a migraine that sent me to bed by 10 (with the littles scurrying after me to get some mama love before the mama fell into a gravol induced stupor).

All in all though, in spite of the migraine, a day filled with love, life, and an easy flow.

Here’s hoping for the same today.



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