The trip to Peru



As part of our “going round the world” trip, we made a stop in Peru.

India and Mattea waiting for Elijah to join them on the plane.

Waiting at customs with their passports and plane tickets.

Some of the ways we learned about Peru were

  • we read books about school and life in Peru
  • we made Peruvian chicken and rice, noticing how there was lots of rice and a wee bit of chicken in the recipe
  • we watched the Peru section of “1000 places to see before you die”
  • we watched BBC’s “The Amazon Rain Forest”
  • we coloured flags for our passports and found Peru on the world map

All in all, we didn’t really engage in our learning about Peru the way we did when we explored Mexico. I don’t know if it’s because there was enough similarity that it wasn’t as interesting to the kids, or because it was February or what, but after awhile I found I was trying to force learning where it wasn’t coming naturally, leaving me frustrated and the kids bored. So we stepped back and did other things instead. 🙂

One neat thing was that the kids recreated some Nazca lines in the living room. The Nazca lines are huge drawings on the ground in Peru that have been there for hundreds of years. No one knows for sure how they got there, and they are only visible from high in the air (interesting because they were created before airplane travel). Some think they may have been drawn as tributes or offerings to Peruvian gods.

In any case, India and I recreated a Nazca line of a condor on our geoboard and Elijah was uninterested in helping. 5 minutes later, he called us into the living room to show us the Nazca line of the monkey that he had made using blocks on the living room floor. It was a good moment where he engaged the activity we were doing but did so in a way that was completely unique to his own interest and preference.

I love that we have the space and time to learn in a way that suits the learner.

I wonder where we will go next?



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