to Edmonton we go


We took a mini-vacation this weekend and went to Edmonton. We are lucky enough to be able to stay for free with our friend Erik, which leaves us some money to play and explore the city a bit. We brought all of our own food this time as well, which offset the cost of gas and entertainment, and kept us from feeling greasy by the end of the time away.

We first went to the leisure center in Spruce Grove, which was fantastic. Unlike our pool here, the water was warm enough to swim comfortably. There is a spray park/climbing structure right in the pool, and the waterslide exits into it’s own little shallow pool so that even the most timid of sliders (Elijah) confidently goes down the slide alone. After swimming, we spent an hour and a half in the kid’s playroom, which is filled with climbing equipment and a variety of toys. Four hours of fun for 20$. Not bad 🙂

We spent Friday at West Ed, as the kids had never been there before. They were thrilled to have a big open space to run around and explore.

This included half price mini-golfing.

Being pirates

We tried to go watch the big dragon at the theater breath fire, but it was broken. Tears followed.

We listened to a Mynah bird talking at the pet store, and saw an $1, 700 fish. It was ugly. Mama got her finger nibbled by a ferret, Mattea made puppies jump.


Riding the escalator and pretending it was a roller coaster.

Learning the differences b/w seals and sea lions, as well as watching the sea lions do some pretty fun tricks.

We also ate cinnamon buns. They were yummy.

We rode in the glass elevator.

On Saturday, the mama took three kids (including a very tired, sick and grouchy 2 yr old) to the science center while the dad went to a meeting.

Elijah powered a model train with his pedalling.

The girls played in the spaceship.

There was a fulldome light show hosted by Big Bird. First one we’ve seen. Very cool.

There were magic mirrors, searching for birds, and India got to hear her name spelled in Morse Code for the International “Girl Guides on the Air” day.

The kids made shields at the Narnia exhibit (which was largely behind glass and not that impressive).

We all were glad to be away, to be stimulated by the hustle and bustle of the city, to have things to do that were different. We were all glad to be home and enjoy a quiet Sunday.

Life is good.


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