When I was growing up (and before we got an intercom), my mom and dad would often communicate with each other by stomping on the floor of the upstairs to get the attention of the person downstairs. A stomp was noticeable without being so undignified as a yell. Mom would ask us to go get dad for supper and we would yell, from the same room “DAAAAAAAADDDDDD, SUPPPPPPPPEEEERRRR.” She would tell us not to yell. I think the stomping was created so that the mom could tell the kids not to yell, but still get the attention of the spouse without tromping all the way downstairs into the furthest part of the house.

We live in a four-level split. There are lots of stairs, and I often use the stomp technique to get Sean’s attention if I need his help with Mattea or it’s time for a meal or some such thing.

This morning, I was with the girls in the kitchen, and Elijah was downstairs. Mattea was standing on a chair beside me. I asked India if she would go down and ask Elijah if he wanted an orange. Mattea promptly hopped down off her chair, jumped on the floor twice, and got back on her chair.

“Dere. I asked Elijah if he wanted a orange.”

Glad to know I have passed on this special mode of communication to my two yr old.



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