It must be deep in the heart of winter, because we are changing things around here. We have been painting, moving stuff around, and just generally trying to shake off the winter blahs.

Now I am tired. But not quite so blah, so I guess it has worked. So here’s sharing a bit of what’s changed in our house in the last month or so (mostly in the last week, which is why I haven’t been around here much).

We’ve added a splash of brightness to our kitchen. I painted a few of the cupboards (mostly the ones that get the frequent coffee drips and sticky fingerprints) a deep orange. Love orange. Matches my kettle. And the oranges, which have found a new home by the stove in the fruit bowl.

The ugly brown fan blades got a quick coat (or 4) of white, and the covers got a wash of orange acrylic to change things up a bit.

I imported this pastry cabinet from the second basement to the kitchen to better hold and organize our crafting/project supplies. Now the kids can see and reach everything they need, and help keep it put away too. Notice the orange serving tray? That shelf is right at kid eye level, and will be a great spot for me to strew different interesting things for the littles to explore, but not take up all of our kitchen table space.

This is my 4$ thrift store treasure (not the kid, she’s mine). I found the quilt last week at the thrift store, and it’s a great cuddling on the couch and reading books blanket. Covers all three kids and the mama at the same time, and has the feel of a million stories to it. I love imagining what each fabric might have signified for the maker of the quilt. Grandma’s orange polyester pantsuit? Check. Little Isaac’s yellow shirt with tractors? Check. Mama’s gingham apron? Check. This quilt has it all (and it makes a great hiding spot for Mattea when hung over the easel just so.

The biggest change has come to this room. Since we have moved in, it has been an office, and exercise room, a lego room. It has never felt done, or well arranged, or beautiful. Last weekend I was at the Take It or Leave It and I found the area rug. As I was getting ready to leave, some people came in with the hide-a-bed. When it wouldn’t fit in the van, they delivered it to our door. Once we moved the couch down the stairs (it weighs about two hundred pounds…), the project was born. Rug in place, couch in place, all random junk out of the room. Tiny kid’s table (from when Sean was little), will serve as a side table, and a quiet drawing space. I made the cushion covers from some fabric Mattea’s midwife gifted us (actually a child carrier) after the birth.

And since we’re fixing things up in here…

…how about we take the closet doors off, paint the closet a stunning purple, and make a desk (complete with homemade beeswax polish instead of varnish). Let’s use the cut down closet doors for the shelf, and some fabric gifted from India to hide electrical cords. Add a couple wicker baskets, and a parson’s chair to complete the space.

Start to finish, we created a new, useful, peaceful space for $100 (the desk wood, the chair, and the baskets).

And now it’s March. Bring it on, spring. We’re waiting with bated breath.


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  1. Wow! Katia and I are both super jealous over all your finds!!! That quilt is awesome (and , Mattea is definitely worth more than $4). Love the shelving unit moved to the kitchen. If you had said you found that at the Take it or Leave it too I think I’d have to cry. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

  2. WOW! Anno – Way to go. You are a painting/reno machine.
    Now we just have to find three or four days in a row so that we can see it in person.

  3. I’m really, really trying not to complain, but I’m sooooo ready.
    Just sunshine. And warm. (50 is all I ask!! – with no wind and clouds.) Doors open for a couple of hours.
    Please, please, please.

    Please. πŸ™‚

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