in the last 10 days…


we have…

fed chickadees from our hands

identified birds at the feeder

spent time with grandma and Grandpa

the mama and the papa went on a date (to costco and two thrift stores….romance at it’s finest.)

read Half Magic

read Fancy Nancy and Charlie and Lola (and lots of it)

built with lego

played Playmobil

played the new DS Pokemon Black (and White, too)

had a wonderful playdate (and coffee for the mama) with our new unschooling friends

had another wonderful playdate (and chai for the mama) with our slightly older homeschooling, natural living friends

ordered a new water filter

did some art

jumped on the trampoline

made birdhouses with Dad

experimented with magic sand

played in the gym at camp

made pokemon videos with small figurines

put on talent shows

played in a big box

worked on a t-shirt scrap memory quilt

played in a big box of rice

made peanut butter cookies ( and then some more)

went to two potlucks

looked up how babies grow in utero

made sock puppets

sang songs


baked bread

walked outside

wondered if the baby due in November will be a boy or a girl

There is much to be thankful for.

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  1. gosh, i thought it was pretty clear. 🙂
    at least clearer than when Sean asked me this morning, during announcements, and in front of the entire congregation if we were sharing our news…. he shall pay.

    but yes, to clear up any confusion, the baby will be ours.

  2. oh, and here’s something that made my day. So, I like to knit, right? As it often happens, I have a project in mind and as I am knitting it just doesn’t feel right. It feels like I’ve got the people mixed up and that it maybe isn’t who I’m knitting it for. Case in point, the baby sweater started for my cousin. Ha! Today as I was walking I was hit by the fact that it’s for YOUR BABY!! Not my cousin’s. Yours. Totally made my day. Of course it’s for you. That makes so much more sense. 🙂

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