The evolution of learning


A couple nights ago, as we were playing a family game, India began to sketch Pikachu (a Pokemon character.) I have mentioned before how much both of the olders love Pokemon right now, and how everything they do is inundated with Pokemon talk. In this instance, India had a very specific idea of how she wanted Pikachu to look when she was done.

Ears and mouth are close enough to the original that it was immediately apparent who she was drawing. Head becomes body, so where do the arms go? This drawing is rejected by India.

She keeps the ears and mouth the same, but adds a body. Now Pikachu has four limbs. They are too spiky for her liking.

Limbs are still spiky, but the red cheeks (an essential Pikachu trait) have been added.

First attempt at Pikachu’s tail, and a nose is added too.

There’s the tail, and notice the red has been added into Pikachu’s mouth.

Limbs have lost their spiky-ness, and are much softer and rounded (much like the real pikachu). Red remains in mouth, but looks more like a tongue, not filling the entire mouth. Eyes are rounded with pupils.

It was really inspiring to observe the progression of detail and competence that India displayed as she initiated her own goal and found a way to get to the desired end result. She would analyze each drawing, and then look at the picture she was trying to emulate and compare the results. When she drew a trait to her liking, she continued to replicate it in each successive drawing, until she had a result that she was pleased with and proud of.

Although it took many tries, she didn’t get frustrated or give up at any point. What a great example for me of what free and joyful learning can look like.


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