Another mini adventure day (in which Anno makes liberal use of brackets for a detailed retelling)


We got up super early (for us) (aka 7:am) this morning, dropped the dogs at doggy day care and headed into the big city (aka Edmonton).

Elijah (with Sean along for comfort levels) was taking part in an animation workshop with a group of other homeschoolers, and the girls and I had our own adventures.

Elijah is not generally one for organized group activities, but this one included computers, cameras and animation, so he agreed to take part. He had a great time, and won’t tell me anything at all about the animation his group of three made because he wants it to be a surprise when we get the DVD in the mail. They learned about how long it takes to make an animated film (2-5 yrs) and worked for 5 hours to create their own 24 second video animation, complete with handdrawn setting, invented characters and plot. They named their company WEB Productions (W.E.B being the initials of the three kids in his group.)

Meanwhile, the girls and I took the LRT from Commonwealth stadium to the University (never has the train been so much fun as it is with kids amazed at speeding through tunnels and the underground stations.)

We wandered through a U of A art gallery with an exhibit of installations about pregnancy and female anatomy that was quite ethereal and whimsical. We then made our way slowly down Whyte Avenue, stopping to slide down slides, pick lilacs from the place I lived in University,blow dandelion seeds, feel the grass, buy celtic noserings at Rowena, eat face sized cookies at Second Cup (with a caramel corretto for the mama), and marvel at the smells coming from the many restaurants and incensy shops along the way.

We ended our walk at a fellow life learners house that I had met on the internet but never in real life. She has an 11 yr old, 9 yr old twins and 4 yr old twins. A busy, action filled life to be sure. We had a nice visit until Sean and Elijah came to pick us up, after which it took us an hour to get out of the city and two hours to drive home. A long, full day that helped us remember some of the things we love about the city (the lovely houses in the University area, the diversity, the hum of people out and about on a warm summer afternoon, the opportunities to do pretty much anything at a moment’s notice.) We were also reminded of some of the negatives (namely traffic…).

In any case, glad to be home, thrilled that Elijah enjoyed a group activity, and ready for bed. Too bad 2/3 of the kids slept in the van.


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