A picture catch up


Since it’s been so long since I posted regularly, and even longer since I posted pics, I figure today’s the day.

Elijah grows crystals.

Corn starch and water, sun and the deck = a lot of messy fun.

Desperate for a belated spring, the girls make a wading pool surrounded by ice and snow.

India explores some basic still life drawing.

Elijah in his happy place.

Holding the 24 hour old chicks at our friends acreage. Mattea is sitting beside me as I type and she says “Remember when dat chick pooped on Lijah, and den it falled on the ground?” Indeed I do. Turns out that chicks bounce.

A bit of wrestling on the trampoline. Every. Single. Day.

And repeat.

Baking soda, vinegar, a pop bottle and a cork make a multiple use cork rocket (until you lose the cork or run out of vinegar.)

Dressing up with Ella, one of India’s closest friends. They dress up and put on elaborate improvised shows for us at the end of many playdates. The songs can go on for minutes at a time.

At the Calgary Zoo with the cousins.

The Pokemon obsession is still going strong, as Pikachu visits the Calgary Zoo.

Let’s make dandelion biscuits.

Value Village in Red Deer got us this $50 crazy forts building stuff for $8.

Our gentle Mattea turned 3. What a wonderful girl she is. She expands our capacity for joy every day with her whole body hugs, her “just one hundred kisses”, her “don’t you smile at me like thats.” She makes us laugh when she falls asleep at the table (as she did while eating her birthday Fruit Loops), and she loves puttering around the back yard. She’ll play for hours with any small people figures, or even with two carrots, making them have elaborate conversations about life. She has a vivid imagination. 


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