Nourished by weeds


We’ve started reading a series of chapter books called Herb Fairies. Written by a herbalist, the books are filled with stories of kids and the fairies who teach them about the many healing properties of different plants. Each book comes with activities, recipes, and journal pages for the kids to record their learning. 

The books come to us one month at a time, and although we look forward to doing the related activities, our late spring has put us a bit behind. BUT, luckily, we have dandelions. Lots of them. More accurately, our neighbour has dandelions, which will soon go to seed and overrun our front yard garden boxes. 

So I sent the girls on a stealth recovery mission with the baby while I weeded our beds. The three of them picked a pile of lovely dandelion heads (did you know you can eat the blossoms?)


Next we rinsed the blossoms and mixed up a type of tempura batter. I wanted gluten free, so we ground up some coconut, added a bit of cornstarch and a couple of eggs, and some cold water. If we do this again, I’ll leave out the water, as it ended up being too thin and needing more starch. 


We put a bit of coconut oil (are you sensing a theme?) in a pan, dipped the dandelion blossoms in the tempura, and then fried them in the oil, flipping once they were browned and puffy. 

ImageAfter allowing them to cool a bit, we munched them up, me with a spicy mayo dip and the kids with maple syrup. All in all, they were a hit, and an affordable lunch. The littles were thrilled to tell dad we ate weeds for lunch.


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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. We’ll have to check out the books. I’m always leery about urban dandelions, but perhaps I’ll get up the nerve to try soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I was a bit leery too, but since she’s so lawn negligent, I figured these ones most likely weren’t sprayed.

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