day two.


I’m going to approach this blog more as a journal for a few weeks, so posts may be unpolished and partial. I’m okay with that, part of learning to accept that I am enough as I am now, and letting go of the stress of striving for perfection.

So here are today’s thoughts.
No sugar for two days. Feel a bit headachy and groggy, but I know from experience that this should pass in another couple of days. I know I don’t like how sugar is in my body, and my insatiable desire for it once I begin eating it, so I really want to let my body rest from it’s effects for awhile. Plus, i really believe that sugar affects immunity and myself and my people have been super sick for way too long. (could also be the mold on the bedroom roof, we’ll find out tomorrow)

No wheat for two days. Don’t really tend to get withdrawal symptoms from my little wheat binges, but just look forward to going back to a place of less back pain and less frequent migraines. But this binge was my choice, indulging in appetizers on the family tradition app night was well worth it.

Took the kids swimming today, and then to the indoor playground. Feels good to be intentional about moving more with my people. We need to move our bodies to be happy, and especially in these soul crushing winters. It’s too easy with homeschooling to just stay home, never go outside, and bicker with each other. We are ALL happier when we move and celebrate these bodies that sustain us.

Finished the day with an hour and a half long online yoga class at Eckhart Yoga, which I love. Yoga has been a revelation for me in this past year for many reasons, which I will post on some other time. I find it centers me, rejuvenates me, calms the restlessness in my brain and is a way of taking time to nurture this tired body and mind of mine. In short, it gives me an opportunity to be gracious with myself and put myself first, which doesn’t happen without effort.

That is all.

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