I’m a homebirthing, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, eclectic homeschooling mama to four littles, and wife to an amazing man. I love music to listen (Ani, Indigo Girls, David Francey and Sarah Harmer to name a few) and to do (djembe, piano and vocals). I’m a hippy, pioneering woman who finds great satisfaction in gardening, canning, homemaking and generally trying to use as much of my own power as possible to create the things we need to live simply as a family of six. I prefer to support the little store, the local farmer, and the fairtrade folks whenever possible. I might become a doula when my littles are bigs, and I think birth has an amazing potential to empower women in their everyday lives. I can be random. I am aiming for peace and compassion to be the central values in our family, and trying to live in a spirit of gratitude and joy. I am also trying to find a balance for myself in a chaotic, busy life and to discover ways to fill my own cup so that these vessels of endless need that are my children can be fed through me.

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  1. Hey Anno!
    Thanks for your comments on Run143!! It’s been a crazy adventure – Judging by your blog, your fam is having a constant adventure – Just the way God intended it!! I do remember moving you in… what a cute house. Kate and I just sold ours in Exhibition, and we’re moving to Baltimore (where she’s from), so that she can pursue her Masters at the University of Maryland… the fun never stops!! God’s peace, and thanks for the encouragement…

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