And back on the horse again


After having taken over a year off from this space, I have been inspired to once again return here to share glimpses of our lives with the people who wander on through from time to time.

Things have changed in the past year, and things have stayed the same.

We still have four kids, with no plans of changing that number anytime soon.

the littles


We still homeschool, more or less depending on the week or day in question, but we do it in a different community, after moving to Saskatchewan in July.

We have an amazing homeschooling community here that works together to bring weekly adventures to our families learning, and we are part of a larger community that plans great field trips and gives us access to affordable lessons (the kids are all in gymnastics right now).

We have found homes for all of our hearts here in Regina, with Sean’s brother Michael (and his partner Melanie) in town to visit when we need a dose of family.

We have been warmly welcomed into an incredible community of men, women and children who gather at least every two weeks to grow a village for our families, to create a space for children to play wild and free and a space for gentle yet challenging support, amazing food and honest conversation about all topics under the sun.  We are also closer to Saskatoon, where some of our closest friends and my sister and her family still live, and it is wonderful to be free to visit more frequently.

It still aches to be too far from other family and from our kindred folk in Edson, especially my soul sister Krista, whom I miss dearly.

We have a new home that we love (aside from the water that has been leaking into the basement as of late), a yard with tons of gardening potential and space for kids and beasts to play, and we are a three minute walk from Sean’s workplace.

Our family corner

Our family corner


the basement playground

the basement playground

We have found local sources for many of our foods, including our dear cow Bruno, who feeds us at least once a week, and whom we thank for each meal he provides.

All in all, we are loving living in this larger community, with multiple libraries, a science centre we visit at least monthly, parks and museums galore, and so much yet to discover and explore.

Ultimately it is the people here who have made our transition so easy, making us feel as if we have lived in Regina for years instead of months, making us feel at home.

And to wrap it up, some pictures of the kids, because they are cute kids, and because some of you haven’t seen our family for a really long time.



lots of fun with the crazy baby

lots of fun with the crazy baby

veggie boats from the meal India cooked with Grandma

veggie boats from the one who loves to cook

spring means outside all. day. long.

spring means outside all. day. long.


Camping with his Cubs pack

winter camping with Cubs gets you a face full of snow